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How to get the Vietnam visa for Algerian

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Algerian citizen require a Vietnam visa for Algerian in order to enter Vietnam. Algerian citizens can still acquire a Vietnam visa without presenting themselves in person at the Vietnam embassy.

Conditions to get Vietnam visa for Algerian:
 - You must have a valid passport that you acquired in over six months ago. The passport however must have a longer validity than the visa you are about to apply for.
 - Your 2 passport-sized photos must have been taken in 6 months.
 - The information in your approval letter must reflect as it is in your passport. This requires you to have filled in the visa application form with correct information as is in your passport.

1.  Get the Vietnam visa for Algerian from a Vietnam embassy.
Please see below for information of Vietnam embassy in El Djazaïr, Algeria
Address : 30, rue Chénoua, – Hydra – Alger (El Djazaïr) – Algérie
Telephone : 00213 (0) 21 60 88 43, Fax : 00213 (0) 21 69 37 78
E-mail : or
Website :
Working hours: Monday to Thursday (Friday and Sunday are off days according to local customs).
Morning: 8:00- 11:30
Afternoon: 14:00- 16:30

2.  Apply online for an approval letter from us.
With the approval letter, you get to collect your Vietnam visa for Algerian from a Vietnam international airport or from a Vietnam embassy/consulate you choose in the visa application form.

The approval letter is applied for and acquired online in the following two procedures:
a. Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate you choose in your application form.

In order to obtain your Vietnam visa by this procedure, the following needs to be done:
 - Visit our website and fill in the visa application form found there.
 - Clear the service fees as directed by our instructions
 - Get your letter of approval from us by email in 48 working hours.
 - Present your letter of approval, your passport and your two passport- sized photos at a Vietnam embassy, and finally clear the visa stamping fees to get issued your visa.

b. From a Vietnam international airport (strictly for air travels)
In this procedure, you are required to do the following:
 - Visit our website and fill in the visa application form provided there. You will have to download and print this form to fill it up and finally submit it back to us by email.
 - Clear the service fees with us as per our instructions.
 - Obtain an approval letter from us within 48 working hours
 - Present your letter of approval, your two passport-size photos and your passport document at one of the three main international airports in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, NoiBai, Da Nang), and then pay the visa stamping fee before you are issued your Vietnam visa.

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